Classic Dacron 2.5 Set Alu

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Our Classic Dacron set is specifically designed for windsurfing schools that need durable windsurfing sails. We have been selling the Classic range successfully in our program for many years. The sail has one sail batten up to size 3.0 the larger sizes (max 5.0) have 2 sail battens.
We placed a layer of floating foam between the dacron in the top of the sail in all sizes up to 3.0. The sail will float on the water. This makes the sail even lighter. The Classic has the perfect balance of stability, weight, and performance to make learning easy and fun. Our Technospar Alu or Epoxy masts and booms that come with the set are strong and light.

Luff Sail: 330cm

Boom: 139cm

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Set Name Classic Dacron
Size 2.5