CORE Kiteboarding

Since 2010 we are the distributor for high-end kite brand CORE Kiteboarding & CARVED Customs in the Benelux.

We provide dealers and schools with this high-end kitesurf brand. We are organizing CORE test days throughout the year at different locations in the Benelux.

If you have questions about our CORE or CARVED products or you are interested in testing or buying this equipment, contact us. 

We are delivering our CORE and CARVED products to the following dealers.


- Core n More Kitesurfshop ( Workum)

- Kitemana ( Noordwijk)

- Natural High ( Brouwersdam) 

- North Sea Kiteboarding ( Zandvoort) 

- Versus Kiteboarding ( Den Haag)

- Kitezone ( Amsterdam)

- Kitesurfshop Haarlem ( Haarlem) 

- Custom Kites ( Bergen) 

- Icarus Kiteboarding ( Zeebrugge)

- Manix Kiteboarding ( Trooz)

- Billy kite ( Brussels) 


All our dealers have new CORE and CARVED products in stock and sell the products always with the full CORE warranty.

Our dealers have always test gear ready!