CORE LINK Hook Spreaderbar

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CORE LINK Hook Spreaderbar


The LINK harness can be combined with two different spreaderbars, which are available separately. They are easy to install and can be replaced very quickly if necessary.  

The hook spreaderbar is an extremely stable, welded stainless steel construction with a classic fixed hook. The rope spreaderbar has the same sturdy stainless-steel frame, but instead of the hook, it features two flexible attachment points made of Dyneema. Ideal for foiling or wave kiting but performs great for everything else too except unhooking. 

Both versions are equipped with a wide thermoformed EVA foam pad that protects the chest against the pressure of the spreaderbar, especially when pulling vertically. Pre-curved plastic braces are inserted laterally into the harness and thus form a nice unit and prevent wrinkles when tightened.  

Hook and Rope Spreaderbar  

S/24cm/9,5" (ca. 70cm - 95cm, ca. 27,6 Inches - 37,4 Inches) 

M/28cm/11" (ca. 78cm - 102cm, ca. 30,7 Inches - 40,2 Inches) 

L/32cm/12,5" (ca. 85cm - 110cm, ca. 33,5 Inches - 43,3 Inches) 



XS (ca. 70cm - 85cm, ca. 27.6 Inches - 33.5 Inches) 

S (ca. 77cm - 91cm, ca. 30.3 Inches - 35.8 Inches) 

M (ca. 83cm - 97cm, ca. 32.7 Inches - 38.2 Inches) 

L (ca. 89cm - 103cm, ca. 35.0 Inches - 40.6 Inches) 

XL (ca. 95cm - 110cm, ca. 37.4 Inches - 43.3 Inches) 

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