F2 Allround Air 10.5

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The F2 Allround air has been reshaped this year and is one of the newest freeride boards in the line. The board is perfect for daily paddling, touring or fitness programs. As the name Allround suggests, it is suitable for all areas of SUP sports.


  •  incl. bag, pump, paddle and repair kit

  •  Bungee cords for cargo secure

  •  EVA deck for great comfort and traction

  •  Balanced volume distribution

  •  High-End drop-stitch material in 6"

  •  Quick build up

  •  Additional handles for comfortable carrying

  •  25.000 threads per m2

 10,5     320     83     15     280     1x removable fin (US Box)
1) Any use of an air compressor may result in poor performance or damage to the board and automatically voids all warranties.
2) If you leave your board exposed to the sun, check the pressure and deflate it slightly. Otherwise, the board may become overinflated and stretch the material.
3) Do not store in the SUP in conditions (above 150F or below -10F). Store in a clean dry place.
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