Sport Plus 50N Life Jackets

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Sport Plus 50N Life Jackets

The Sport Plus vest has 2 crotch straps and highly adjustable side belts. Shoulder straps with a large possibility of adjusting the vest. The vest has a zipper which makes it easy to put on and take off quickly. Large armholes allow freedom of movement. Two pockets on the front of the vest, fastened with a splash-proof zipper. At the bottom of the vest, there is a 2 cm belt with a fastening buckle. The filling is made of polyethylene foam with special displacement properties. Thick, strong internal and external material ensures safe use. The vest is designed for surfing, Stand up Paddleboarding, and sailing activities. 


PN-EN ISO 12402: 5-2007, PN-EN ISO 12402-5: 2007 / A1; 2012 standard

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